Want to type, so type: 

"All the class are mad!" my dorm mates said last night. Indeed, we were all doing themathematical contest in modeling all-night, and had little results. I shouldn't have taken part in the contest, because we are studying the elementary integrals, and I can't use it at my will. What's worse, the matlab software occured errors frequently, it'll spend me lots of time on solving the problems. It's within my expecting. And the other parnerts couldn't work out any model, so all the work were almost done by myself. Boring, hardship, toilsome. But after a long time modeling, the medels came out finally. But the time had gone to the wee hours. 

Good sleep, tomorrow continues. Now, the paper have finished.Won't particiapate in the mathematical contest in modeling unless my level of math knowledge has been improved greatly, unless my knowledge in computer has been larger, unless have some partners with some special skills! Mathematical contest in modeling isn't a easy game. 

End eventually, though it seemed holding a candle to the sunfruitless effort, but still have some gains, the writing paper, the typeing, the usage of matlab, the data analysis and disposal, have been heighened. I have reached the aim. 

Good sleep and good study, for the coming exam.