The Patriot created a great general fighting for freedom and also a kindly father with seven children, Benjamin Martin. He was very brave, heroic and skilful in battle. But what I admire isn't his courage but his love for his children. At first, he definitely said that he didn't agree to go to war with England, he said there are alternatives like that we can plead with the kind to decrease the taxation to avoid the war. Then Colonel Harry Burwell said they had tried and he took the battle of bunker Hill as an example to show that war to get the independence is the only way. Still in this moment Benjamin Martin said he won't go to war with England, he said that he had seven children and his wife was dead, so he must care for them, and the war would be fought amongst us and our homes, the children will learn of it will their own eyes, so their innocent will die of the war.

        These words showed that he was a father who consider things for the growth of the children, he was a kindly father. But when Thomas was killed the by the cruel England general, and his home was burnt by the England soldier. he became angry, and decided to revenge. He resume the courage in his old days and killed 21 England soldiers to save Gabriel with his two sons. Realizing he could't keep out of the war, Benjamin Martin join the army to fight against England. During the war period, he always cared about his children, he only allow Gabriel to join the war and left other children to Charlotte. Only when his children are settled safely did he come to war again.

         He is really a great father. This film didn't put heroism as the only theme, it described Benjamin Martin's personal feeling, making he a live man not a tool noly can fight. That's its sucessful point.